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Our leadership

Cornerstone’s leadership structure is patterned after the New Testament.  We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the head of the church.  Accordingly, our congregation depends on His guidance in appointing elders and deacons.  The elders (also called pastors) are responsible under Jesus to feed and lead the church.  The deacons are responsible to serve the congregation so that the elders can concentrate on prayer and teaching the Word.

Cornerstone is led by a pastor and two deacons.

Pastor:  Elijah Martinovici (MDiv, SMBC) is a well-experienced pastor and Bible translator.  He first came to Australia as a refugee fleeing religious persecution in Romania.  Elijah has been associated with Cornerstone for many years — first as a missionary, and now as pastor.  He, and his wife, Maria, are respected for their commitment to God’s Word and hospitality for God’s people.  Elijah was inducted as Cornerstone’s first full time pastor in April, 2013.

Deacons: Cornerstone Baptist Church has two deacons:

John Jeaitani is one of our deacons. He also serves as the church’s treasurer. John is contributing a lot to the life of the church by fulfilling his deacon’s duties and also by preaching and leading in Bible studies.

Jonathan Martinovici serves as a deacon. He is also the Music Director of the church and helps in preaching and leading in Bible studies.

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