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Morning Tea Roster


Each person on the roster should provide food for approximately 10 people.
We would also ask that you please remain at the table when it is your turn
and supervise how much the children take.  Thank you so much for
participating in this very important ministry!

Date                                    Team
5 Jan Maria Martinovici, Ester Bengamine
12 Jan Elsie Wyness, Rebecca Jeaitani
19 Jan Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici
26 Jan Elsie Wyness, Maria Martinovici
2 Feb Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
9 Feb Bronwyn Kelly, Elsie Wyness
16 Feb Maria Martinovici & Rebecca Jeaitani
23 Feb Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici
1 March Rebecca Jeaitani, Maria Martinovici
8 March Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
15 March Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici
22 March Elsie Wyness, Maria Martinovici
29 March  Rebecca Jeaitani, Naomi Martinovici
5 April Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
12 April No Morning tea – Easter Sunday
19 April Rebecca Jeaitani, Maria Martinovici
26 April Elsie Wyness, Bronwyn Kelly
3May Maria Martinovici, Rebecca Jeaitani
10 May Elsie Wyness, Bronwyn Kelly
17 May Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
24 May Elsie Wyness, Naomi Martinovici
31 May Maria Martinovici & Rebecca Jeaitani
7June Maria Martinovici, Bronwyn Kelly
14 June Elsie Wyness & Rebecca Jeaitani
21 June Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
28 June Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici


5 Jul Church lunch (everyone)
12 Jul Elsie Wyness, Maria Martinovici
19 Jul Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici
26 Jul Ester Bengamine, Rebecca Jeaitani
2 Aug Maria Martinovici & Ester Bengamine
9 Aug Bronwyn Kelly, Elsie Wyness
16 Aug Maria Martinovici & helper
23 Aug Rebecca Martinovici, Naomi Martinovici
30 Aug Maria Martinovici, Ester Bengamine
6 Sep Rebecca Jeaitani, Maria Martinovici
13 Sep Maria Martinovici & helper
20 Sep Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici
27 Sep Elsie Wyness, Ester Bengamine
4 Oct Elsie Wyness, Naomi Martinovici
11 Oct Rebecca Jeaitani & Maria Martinovici
18 Oct Naomi Martinovici, Ester Bengamine
25 Oct Bronwyn Kelly & Elsie Wyness
1 Nov Maria Martinovici, Rebecca Jeaitani
8 Nov Ester Bengamine, Bronwyn Kelly
15 Nov Maria Martinovici & helper
22 Nov Elsie Wyness, Naomi Martinovici
29 Nov  
6 Dec Maria Martinovici, Bronwyn Kelly
13 Dec Elsie Wyness & Rebecca Jeaitani
20 Dec Maria Martinovici & helper
27 Dec Bronwyn Kelly, Naomi Martinovici